Monday, September 27, 2010

Enter Jack Frost

We haven't had our first frost yet... but with snow showers predicted for Friday, I had better pull out those mittens, scarves and hats!  The crisp fall breeze has quickly given way to the cold winter chill here in Alaska.  It is time to switch into winter work out mode.

What do you enjoy doing during the winter?

I'm going to continue walking with LB during the day.  However, we will have to bundle up more and stay out for shorter periods.  I was concerned for LB being out in the cold, but he'll be fine in his snow suit and blanket.  DH was worried about me being out in the cold too long.  Apparently, when the temperature drops as long as it does here in AK it is bad to exercise too much.  He said that my walks should be shorter because I will be carrying more weight with my heavy clothing.  Also, he said that exerting myself too much in the rigid temperatures won't help my body and might harm it.  Plus, I'm much more likely to lower my immune system and risk getting sick if I work out in the cold too often.

I suppose I need to find some things to do indoors.  I won't be walking at -30*! :0)
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