Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Little Bummed...

As you can see I didn't meet my monthly goal for the first time this year.  I'd say 5 months of weight loss is great even if it is only one pound a month... but I am still a bit bummed that I missed the mark this month.  I was 0.4 lbs over my beginning weight for May.  I do have some encouraging news though.  I bought a present for my hubby and so far we love it!  Little Bit isn't as thrilled since he has to wear a helmet, but he's doing better each day.  I bought him this!

Yeah, I know... not quite big enough for DH to fit in... but now we can go on family bike rides.  DH LOVES biking and I used to when I was younger.  I recently found an old fashioned bike with a saddle style seat that doesn't hurt my hips when I ride and it's been real fun getting out there and biking around the neighborhood.  The first day we went for one mile with a strong headwind.  Yesterday went biked for a mile and a half and I felt good.  Today maybe we can do 2 miles.  Maybe not though since I'm feeling the burn from these last two days.  But I'm getting in at least 1 mile!  I may not have met my goal this month... but next month I will surpass it by far more than one pound!
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