Monday, May 30, 2011

Motivation Monday, May 30

Motivation Monday

Welcome to Motivation Monday! I will be chronicling my journey back to a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Each week I will discuss how the previous week was and set some goals for the next week. I will also be listing my progress. If you would like to see past progress you can click on the Motivation Monday photo above for other Motivation Monday posts. If you would like to get motivated with me please link up your post using the link form below. Your post can be in any format you want.Whether you are trying to get healthier physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually or if you just have a task you need some motivation to complete...please link up so we can help support each other. I would love to hear about your progress and help keep you motivated!

Healthy Steps:
Although I had no way of measuring my food over our vacation, I did get a whole lot of walking in.  I think it evened out alright.

My Week's Workouts:
On Wednesday and yesterday I was sitting in a car all day, and I mean all day for our 12 hour drive to and from the coast... but on Thursday I went shopping up and down the main street.  I got a bit of sun and a lot of up hill walking in.  Then on Friday we went to the Sea Life Center and walked around there for a few hours.  Saturday we took a cruise for half the day and then walked around town again.  And finally yesterday before our 12 hour drive we climbed a mountain to touch a glacier!

It was really hard and I thought about turning back a couple of times but I saw people larger than I am walking back down and kept telling myself If they can do it so can I damn it! Just before we reached the glacier I had some vertigo and took a seat waiting for DH to walk down the side of the glacier then come back and get me.  But after it passed I thought, I've come this far... I have to go touch it!  So up and up and up I climbed until I reached the glacier... and I couldn't get to it! I was so disappointed. So you know what I did?  I climbed under the rope and touched it!  Lol, I do not suggest disobeying signs and ropes on a mountain hike, but DH is an excellent hiker and he informed me that it was safe. Plus there were full grown men climbing on the glacier itself so I figured crawling to the edge and touching it would be safe enough.  Photos coming soon.

My Numbers {From Last Saturday's Weigh In}
Green is ImprovementRed is Bad, Mmkay?Blue is Stayed the Same
Weight -224.2
BMI % -54
Water % -34.7
Muscle Mass % -33.7

How did you do this week?

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