Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sooo hungry!

Does a woman need to eat more during that time of the month or does this new diet just have me centered on food? It is ALL I can think about!  I can't even think about work or clearing out the garage.  Both of which need to be done asap.  *sigh*  I'm eating as many veggies as I can and drinking water instead of eating when it's not meal time but it just isn't helping. I am still staving!  This is so frustrating.  How long until my body gets used to my new way of eating?  I think I'll check my last three days on FitnessPal to see if there was a big change in my calorie count.  I'm eating almost the same as normal but I feel so so hungry!  It's odd.

Well I checked my numbers: My calorie goal is 1450 and my Weight Watchers points allowance is 34 a day
Monday - 1405 calories, 31 points
Tuesday - 2005 calories, 51 points
Wednesday - 1384 calories, 40 points
Thursday (so far) - 977 calories (without dinner yet), 21 points so far

Except for Tuesday, it looks like I am eating about 500 less calories than I was last week.  No wonder I feel hungry!  Maybe we'll see some results this Saturday! :0)  If not then I'll just keep at it.  From the numbers above it looks like I'm getting about 1300-1400 calories a day with Weight Watchers.
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