Sunday, June 19, 2011

False Hope or New Beginning?

So as you read in my Motivation Monday post, I was really sick yesterday.  I've been checking my weight throughout the night and this morning to make sure I'm not losing too much. I was afraid I'd have to go to the ER and get some fluids.  Thankfully I have stopped being sick and it looks as though my breakfast and lunch are staying right where they ought to be.  I'm still fairly dehydrated, but now that I'm no longer nauseous I can drink water and more than a sipping pace.

As of an hour ago, after having eaten breakfast, I have lost a total of 6.4lbs and am down to 218.4lbs.  You may remember about this time last year I had developed gallbladder stones and could barely eat or drink for two weeks before they removed my gallbladder.  I dropped down to 215 during that time but as soon as I was healed and back to a normal diet, as in more than bread and water, I ballooned back to 5lbs more than I was before it all started.  I also briefly lost 6lbs from a stomach virus last October and then gained back 8lbs after I was re-hydrated.  I can't help but wonder, was this 24 hour bug just another false hope in which I should expect to gain back more than I just lost, or is it a new beginning?  Perhaps this quick stomach sickness has ridden by body of the food I had eaten and given me a chance at a new start.

I'm not sure, but I am definitely going to take advantage of this {very painful} opportunity and put good, wholesome foods in.  I've been doing pretty good at eating clean, whole foods, but I can do better than "pretty good".  I shouldn't be eating something processed every day, maybe just twice a week.  And even then I plan on avoiding anything with fake sugars and fats.  If I'm going to eat a sweet it ought to be as natural as possible.  An all natural, 100 calorie pudding instead of a Pop Tart for example.  You can see all the food and drinks I eat by clicking the "Food" tab at the top of my blog or by going here and clicking through the days of the week.  Some are missing from the time I spent using SparkPeople, but I'll be using FitnessPal from now on.

I guess we'll see what the outcome is by the end of the week.  Last time I had a stomach virus the weight was back on in three days.  I'll still be checking the scale a few times a day over the next couple of days to make sure I'm not losing even more.  All other indicators say that my hydration is doing better though so that's good news.  I hate IVs!  Oh, and I won't be having a "Party" for being until 220 until I know it's going to stay.  Hopefully we can celebrate next week that I've lost another 5lbs!
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