Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Is My Blog Keeping Me Fat?

I was working on some of my new blog designs and couldn't help but take a fresh look at Hippo with a Headband.  Maybe I should make it all over again...  I got to looking at my header since its the part readers see immediately and use to determine if they will like the blog or not.  It's the focal point.  The title and images usually tell you a bit about the content of the blog.  I just kept staring at that hippo and started thinking... Am I setting myself up for failure?

Sure hippos are my favorite animals; I think they are adorable and *look* cuddly.  The thought of a hippo needing to lose weight makes sense and seeing one atop a scale is pretty cute and catchy I suppose.  Maybe it makes people think, "what is that all about?" or "awww, how cute!"  But the problem that came to mind was... do I associate myself with the hippo?  Is that cute little gal with the pink bandanna up there how I see myself?  Have I personified myself in my blog image?  Or is it just a cute little hippo on a scale?

Honestly, I have no idea but I guess it's something I should think about.  So just a heads up, there might be a total remodel of my blog coming soon... or at least a few tweaks here and there.
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