Sunday, February 27, 2011

He Was Right!

My wonderful husband was right!  Check it out!!!

He had told me last week that there was a trend in my weight loss.  If I ignored the numbers and looked at the chart I would see two weeks of losses with a slight gain in between.  When I looked at my numbers all I saw was back and forth between 226 and 227.2lbs... but sure enough he was right!  When I weighed myself yesterday morning I was 227.2lbs just like I expected and dreaded... but something made me jump rope later that day and afterward I thought I'll just check.  Sure enough, I was down to 226.  That was better than gaining I thought.  Then today I got home from church and before I ate my lunch I decided to check one more time.  Once Monday comes I count that as the next week so this was my last chance.  I stepped on expecting a raise since I had already eaten breakfast but it was lower.  I wet my feet and took an official measurement with the electrode pulse and all my numbers are in the green!  I am so excited.  I actually have the motivation to put my new plan into action.  I'll share that with you later.  I am still working out the details right now, but in short, I've decided to stop worrying about what I need to take out of my diet (sweets) and worry about what I need to ADD to my diet (veggies and lean meats) instead.

Next week is the first weigh in of March.  My goal throughout the year is to lose each month.  No matter what my weight does week to week, I want the first weigh in of each month to be lower than the previous.  Even if I only lose 1 lb a month overall, that is progress to me!  Here's hoping my new food and exercise plan can get keep me below 226lbs.
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