Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Something's Gotta Change

Losing weight is easy in theory.  Burn more calories than you eat.  I burn about 2000 calories a day without exercise just by lungs breathing, heart beating, and legs walking around the house taking care of LB and cooking meals.  So in theory if I eat anywhere between 1300 and 1800 calories a day I ought to be losing weight.  But I'm not.

I know weight loss is more than calories in and calories out but I don't eat many high fat or sugary foods.  My main problem is starch right now.  I eat cereal and tortillas often. My nutritionist says my eating is alright but that I really need to add in exercise to see the results I want.  Last week I went for two 3-6 mile walks and I saw a slight difference in my weight but not much compared to how hard those walks were for me.  I just can't seem to find the energy or motivation to use the Wii, go for a nightly walk, or even walk up and down out stairs a few times after a long day of chasing LB around.  It's tiring, but not really effective exercise.  I've thought about a couple of things tonight but I have issues with both:

Zumba Class - I have heard how much fun this is and am interested in giving it a try but I would be the heaviest in the class by far.  They all wear belled sashes around their waists during the exercise and given the photos I've seen I am pretty sure it won't fit me.  I would be so embarrassed to be the only one unable to wear one.  Also I have a hard time learning dance routines.  I know that you can just sorta do your own thing in these classes but it's in one of the dance studios with mirrors all around and I'm a bit shy about that.  I think perhaps my depression is getting the best of me and keeping me too nervous to try it out.  I kinda feel like crying just thinking about going and being embarrassed even if no one says anything to me about my weight or dancing skills.

Weight Watchers - I've also heard a lot about WW and how people have lost 20lbs in their first month.  My concern here is that I already track my calories everyday so would WW be any different from what I'm already doing?  It would cost us $40 a month for me to go to meetings (online isn't too much cheaper but those screenshots look almost identical to what I already do).  Is it really worth my money?  What do they do that is more than tracking calories?  Also, I'm not very good at going to weekly meetings.  I absolutely LOVE Dave Ramsey and I was able to attend the class for free but for the last 6 weeks I found some sort of excuse not to go.  Again, my depression plays a big role in my not getting out and going to meetings.

I don't know what to do but obviously something needs to change.  Not sure if anyone noticed, but I haven't even bothered to do my Motivation Monday meme for a couple of weeks.  I guess I just feel discouraged and burned out.  I've been so close to 220lbs for so long that I feel like I'm almost satisfied with being 226-223lbs.  I don't know what is wrong or how to jump start my weight loss again.
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