Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm Home

I'm back lovelies!  Phew.... I hate being without internet.  It'll be a couple days... okay, maybe like a couple hours... before I get a real post up.  So besides not having e-mail, blogging, access to our bank account info (which is a rough thing when I had to fork over $3,000 for this move!)... I have "1000+" blog entries in my blog reader.  So, for the first time EVAR... I pressed "Mark all as read" without having skimmed them all first.  Eeek!  That means if you wrote something amazing in the last week and half I probably won't see it.  Sorry... but I do have a baby to care for (who has just woken up) and a house to unpack still.  If you have something you'd love for me to read and comment on, please let me know.  I'll be visiting the blogs where I read every single post, but there are many wonderful blogs I follow that I don't check daily but I don't want to miss what you have to say.

See y'all soon!
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