Friday, December 17, 2010

Having Some Trouble...

Well, I weighed in at 228lbs today which is over my desired 5lb limit for the first trimester.  Now, before you begin to worry... I am not going to cut any essential nutrients from my diet while pregnant to lose weight.  However, because I am already in the obese category despite losing nearly 50lbs this year, I need to watch my weight gain closely.

I have two options to control my weight gain:
  • Limit my sweets intake
  • Exercise more (in a comfortable range of course)
Normally, controlling my sweet tooth is not a problem.  I don't eat many sweets and most things people enjoy that expand the waist band are too sweet for me anyways... but since getting pregnant with Pumpkin all I've wanted are sweets!  LB's craving was milk which is great for my body... I just didn't work out as regularly as I should have.  Pumpkin is making me want cookies, cakes, pies, and chocolate (more than my 1.5 oz of dark per day).  With LB I knew I was craving calcium.... but what on Earth is my body needing from all those sweets?  Fruits just don't cut it so I don't think it's the sugar.  Any ideas?  It's going to be a daily struggle to keep my sweets in check and to exercise daily. 

Thankfully, whether I want to or not, I have to go up and down our stairs several times a day for LB's diaper changes and naps and to go to bed at night.  I need more activity than that though.  I plan on using a couple of my pregnancy yoga DVDs and I am hoping we can find a used recumbent bike to bring home.  It's my favorite equipment at the gym and I have been unable to go to the gym in months because I can't take LB with me.

I have about 3 more weeks before I should even be gaining weight and I have already gained 6lbs.  I am hoping with increased exercise I will have more energy and shed some of the weight I have put on these last couple of months.  If I can work out for 30 minutes a day and cut down on the sweet cravings then I should be alright.  What do you eat when you want a cookie or piece of pie?
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