Sunday, September 4, 2011

Christmas Dress Countdown Week 1

My Starting Weight for CDC 2011:  212.4lbs
Size of  Dress I'm Aiming For:  18/16 Juniors {not Woman's}
Book I'll Be Using:  Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst
My Caloric Limit:  Sticking to my Weight Watchers' allotted points
Exercise I Plan to Do at Least 3x Per Week:  Walking, Yoga, and maybe add in Swimming and/or Zumba
Number of Glasses of Water Each Day:  8
My Goal Dress:  This isn't quite a Christmas time dress, but it is one that I own and would LOVE to fit into.  It's a 1950's style dress which is an era I just adore! I can do up 5 out of the 10 buttons right now.
As you can see I can't button up all the way and it's VERY snug in the hips.
This dress is also very snug across the rear and back/bust areas.  I would also like to work on my upper arms so they look slimmer and more toned when I am ready to wear this sleeveless dress.

I'm linking up here for the Christmas Dress Countdown!  Check out all the other contestants and see how they're doing this week.
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