Friday, October 14, 2011

Christmas Dress Countdown Week 6

My Weight This Week:  210.8 lbs {down 1.6 lbs since my Sept 4th beginning weight of 212.4}
Dress Size Today:  18 Woman
Book I'm Using:  Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst
My Caloric Limit Progress:  I did well this week.  I'd like to have had more weekly points at the end of the week, but I did not go over so that is good.  By the way... I was looking at my WWers print outs and each of the two times I went off plan it took me an entire month to get back to where I was before the gain.  NOT COOL JEANNETTE!  As my hubby said when I told him this realization..."So stick to the plan..."
Exercise This Week: I've been working on getting more walking in.  I've been feeling sick and dizzy for a couple weeks and now I have a scratch in my throat so I think a cold is coming.  I just need to focus on taking care of myself and doing all I can do... and not letting myself slack because I feel a little under the weather.  I know my limits and I need to push them, not just say "well I only walked 1,000 steps today because I was sick."  Even sick I know I can do 3-4,000 steps.  So, take care of myself but don't let it become an excuse.
Number of Days This Week I Drank at least 6 Glasses of Water Each Day:  Every day.  I have changed my number to 6 glasses a day because that seems to be all I need.  {Sorry for TMI... but my urine is a healthy color and I don't feel thirsty during the day so I guess 6 is a good number for me right now.  I'll make it higher as I begin to work out... and sweat... more.}

I'm linking up here for the Christmas Dress Countdown!  Check out all the other contestants and see how they're doing this week.
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