Saturday, October 8, 2011

Challenges - Weeks 3 & 5

I'm combining my challenges this week because it was an awful week.  For one, I don't feel like making the same post twice and two, I'd rather not dwell on it.  I went off the Weight Watchers plan this week.  I was hungry all day, every day this week so I ate too much and made bad decisions on food choices.  I gained this week and am not happy with myself.  I really need to start exercising everyday and planning out my meals from now on so I don't have another week like this one.  I was sick to my stomach all week yet still hungry so I reached for breads and sweets.  I'm hoping it's just PMS and that this week I won't be so hungry all the time.  Anyways, here are my stats for this week.  Regular posts will resume next week.

UPDATE:  My week ended just as fun as it began too... *dripping sarcasm*  Last night I all of a sudden spiked a fever, got the sweats and chills, felt nauseous and faint, had a mini panic attack over it all, and my blood pressure shot up to 150/101 while my pulse dropped from my normal 100 beats a minute to 55.  It was not a fun night... but I am feeling better this morning and am not ravenous so I think whatever it was has passed.

I'm linking up at Less of Me, More of Him this Saturday.  Here are my weekly goals:
  1. Continuing my daily prayer and Bible study time, (Not every day)
  2. Continuing to lose weight by staying true to my Weight Watcher's plan, (Nope, went over)
  3. Preparing and eating healthy foods everyday, (Nope, did not cooking besides making eggs)
  4. Exercising consistently, (None this week except one day when I worked on the craft room)
  5. Hydrating properly each day, (I did okay here, but still not stellar)
  6. Taking time to rest throughout the day and get enough sleep at night, (Nope)
  7. and Setting aside time to play and laugh with my husband and son each day. (Did okay here)

My Weight This Week:  211.4 lbs {down 1lb since my Sept 4th beginning weight of 212.4}

I'm linking up here for the Christmas Dress Countdown!  Check out all the other contestants and see how they're doing this week.
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