Friday, October 14, 2011

The Best Gift Challenge - Week 4

The challenge has begun!  I'll be posting my weekly updates every Friday to link up at Less of Me, More of Him on Saturday.  Here are my weekly goals:
  1. Continuing my daily prayer and Bible study time,
  2. Continuing to lose weight by staying true to my Weight Watcher's plan,
  3. Preparing and eating healthy foods everyday,
  4. Exercising consistently,
  5. Hydrating properly each day,
  6. Taking time to rest throughout the day and get enough sleep at night,
  7. and Setting aside time to play and laugh with my husband and son each day.
I stayed on plan this week and cooked one meal that consisted of more than eggs or tuna.  I hydrated well but slacked on my exercise {again}.  I am doing okay on sleep because I am feeling sick, but I do need to relax more.  I also want to spend time playing cars with my son.  My husband and I have been cuddling on the couch while I work on blog designs and he plays classic video games.

So, this week I need to work harder at:
  • Cooking more nightly meals
  • Unwinding at night so I can get better soon
  • Finding a specific exercise I can do every day
  • Playing cars and legos with my son during the day
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