Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Best Gift Challenge - Week 2

The challenge has begun!  I'll be posting my weekly updates every Friday to link up at Less of Me, More of Him on Saturday.  Here are my weekly goals:
  1. Continuing my daily prayer and Bible study time,
  2. Continuing to lose weight by staying true to my Weight Watcher's plan,
  3. Preparing and eating healthy foods everyday,
  4. Exercising consistently,
  5. Hydrating properly each day,
  6. Taking time to rest throughout the day and get enough sleep at night,
  7. and Setting aside time to play and laugh with my husband and son each day.
Today is not a great day... right now it's not even an okay day so this is going to be short and sweet.  I did okay on all my points this week but each needs improvement this week.  I gained although I don't think I went off plan this week.  Either I miscalculated some portions or I'm just bloated.  It's a small gain so I'm not really worried about it.  I haven't prepared any meals this week that were more extensive than eggs or tuna.  I have been moving and lifting heavy things, but still no actual work outs.  I need to set aside a specific time for working out, Bible study, and relaxing... I'm just having trouble waking up early enough to do those things before Little Bit starts his day.

So, this week I need to work harder at:
  • Cooking nightly meals
  • Unwinding at night so I can fall asleep at a healthy hour
  • Making sure my portion sizes are correct
  • Finding a specific exercise I can do every day
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