Friday, June 25, 2010

How I Got This Way

First, let me give a big warm welcome hug to all my new readers! I hope you feel comfortable commenting often. I adore hearing your input! I was thinking today... how did I get this way?

As some of you already know, I just had my gallbladder removed. Every time I saw a Dr. he or she would comfort me and assure me that as soon as it was removed, and my digestive tract was back to normal, that I could eat all those things they figured I loved. They would cite cookies, brownies, fried foods, fast food. All I am looking forward to is cheese! I miss cheese... I almost felt angry that they would assume I crave those other foods, but then when I looked in the mirror... well I had to think about it from their perspective. To them, I am obese. They don't know why. Most obese people are that way for two reasons, illness or eating/exercising habits. They had read my medical record and knew I didn't have a thyroid problem or something of the like, so of course they assumed I ate too much and led a sedentary lifestyle.  I am sure I assumed that about someone on the street before, and it's a sound assumption, so I decided I shouldn't be insulted.

The fact of the matter is, I am not overweight because of over eating, lack of exercise, illness, or even family influence.  I was 140lbs and a model a mere seven years ago in high school.  Shortly before graduating high school and gaining my freshman 15 in college I began taking Depo Provera.  It is a birth control that I needed to take to keep myself from bleeding out each month.  Depo completely stops periods in most women and it did stop me from hemorrhaging. Unfortunately is does make you gain weight, 2-3lbs a year they warn.  I gained 60lbs my first year. Other women have similar results. I had gained a total of 80lbs on Depo Provera.  It also keeps you from losing weight.  I worked out daily and maintained weight.  When I lapsed in my exercise, I gained. Then I discovered a few months before our wedding, in May of 08 {a couple days before my birthday} that I had a tumor growing on my left ovary.  Great birthday present huh?  Congrats on your upcoming wedding but you may not be able to give your husband a child...  I had surgery to remove it and thankfully my uterus and right ovary were unaffected.  It was a good possibility that Depo was the culprit so DH and I decided I would go off all chemical birth control lest I lose my remaining ovary before we had children. 

Since going off the Depo I lost weight and lost it fast.  Because my resting heart rate was so high, I found that I lost weight doing every day activities.  I also got pregnant much faster than my Drs and I thought I would... and of course started gaining again.  I gained a total of 50lbs during my pregnancy, 40 of which was water weight from preeclampsia.  I also developed gestational diabetes.  I realized then that I need to lose this weight or I'll end up with type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, soon.  So far I have lost 40lbs of water weight and 15lbs of fat since giving birth 6 months ago. 

With the support of my loving husband and my sweet readers, I can do this!  My ultimate goal is 150lbs.  Contrary to my wonderful husband's opinion, I am not a girl anymore {he said one night, to that statement, "Honey, you'll always be a girl" and no he's not seen the movie Be Cool lol} so I think 140lbs would be a bit too much to lose.  I have mommy hips now {not that my 36in hips were ever narrow lol} so I think a little heavier than suggested will be a healthy weight for me.  My other goal is to be around 25 BMI since healthy weight varies between body types.  So there you have it:  Why I am here and where I plan to be in a year or two.
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