Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ouch! Yumm.... Ouch!

Why on Earth do I continue to eat things that hurt me or make me sick?!  For example I stopped drinking my daily Pepsi about 2 years ago because every single time I drank one my breasts would ache.  It wasn't very painful, but it hurt a bit and was very uncomfortable.  But until a couple of months ago, EVERY TIME I had pizza or burgers I really wanted a coke of some sort.  Even though I KNEW it would hurt me, not to mention them being unhealthy.  Another example?  Macaroni and Cheese.  I LOVE Mac & Cheese!  I could eat it every day for the rest of my life but you know what?  Half of the time I eat mac & cheese I end up sick in the bathroom all night thanks to my IBS.  But I continue to crave it!  In fact, I've been fighting myself for a week now on picking up a box of kraft while at the store.

Is that not the most idiotic thing you've ever heard?  Is there anything you eat that you just love and keep eating it even though you end up sore or with a belly ache?  I really have no idea why I do it except the thought that you crave what you eat.  In her book, Made to Crave, Lysa talks about how people crave what they eat and if you can change your eating habits for two weeks, which is the average time it takes someone to pick up a new habit, then you'll begin to crave those healthy things you never thought you'd like. I've noticed that a little this week.  I bought some waffles a couple of weeks ago out of the blue.  I've never bought waffles before and they aren't the best choice in foods, but I've noticed that in the evening when I want a snack I go looking for those waffles.  A month ago I was looking for my girl scout cookies.  I've also found myself craving a big bowl of red and blue berries with a spray of reddi whip on top instead of my nightly chocolate bar.  I hope over the next couple of weeks I can gear my taste buds and cravings away from those things that cause me pain, physical and emotional, and toward the things that will strengthen and cleanse my body.  What foods do you crave?  What foods do you want to crave?  I think I'd like to crave carrots.  I could use the better eyesight and less calories!
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